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Exercises Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail

Some of the most important exercises that have already been held include:

Map exercises

Operation "Trojan Horse", November 2001
Operation "Gordian Knot", May 2002
Operation "Lernean Hydra", May 2003
Operation "Blazing Sword", September 2003
These aforementioned exercises served to test security planning, with the objective being to deal with multiple threats simulated in an Olympic Games environment.

With the participation of security forces:
Operation "Rainbow", November 2002

This exercise dealt with managing serious incidents, and specifically a plane hijacking and bomb threat aboard a floating hotel (cruiseship). Some 1,800 personnel from involved branches and services actively participated in this exercise under the joint command of the Chief of the Hellenic Police.

Operation "Blue Odyssey", February 2004

This wide-ranging and extensive exercise was based on a complex scenario involving a sequence of events necessitating an alert and response to incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Participating were 1,967 personnel from 20 different agencies and services, 120 Greek and foreign observers, all under the joint command of the Chief of the Hellenic Police.

Operation "Hercules` Shield 2004", March 10-23, 2004

This lengthy inter-branch exercise was held within the framework of international cooperation. It was held jointly with the United States, while the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel and Canada fielded observers. Some 1,500 personnel participated from the primary services involved in Olympic Games security, along with 500 individuals from cooperating countries.

As part of the final stage of the program for Olympic Games security, a series of exercises have been planned in the first six months of 2004.

"Poseidon`s Trirem",  July 2004

An inter-branch Olympic security readiness exercise, code-named ?Poseidon?s Trireme?, was held at the port of Piraeus. The exercise?s scenario mandated a simulated Olympic environment and multiple tactical operations by Hellenic Police and Coast Guard Special Forces ? a culmination of their lengthy and joint drilling ? along with support by the Armed Forces and participation by the Fire Brigade, the National Ambulance Service and the Piraeus Port Authority.