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Training Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail

The Olympic Games Security Division trains individuals involved in Olympic security from the following agencies:

  • The Hellenic Police
  • The Coast Guard
  • The Fire Brigade
  • The National Intelligence Service
  • The Armed Forces

The training program includes:

  • General instruction on Olympics security, with a view to inform  and sensitize personnel to issues of security for the Games
  • Special seminars and sessions in Greece and abroad, aimed at developing the necessary knowledge and capabilities on the part of related personnel. Greece is organizing 113 special training seminars, with the Olympic Advisory Group sponsoring 92 seminars on the following:
    • dealing with radiological, bio-chemical and nuclear terrorism
    • dealing with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)
    • dealing with airplane hijackings
    • dealing with bus/coach hijackings
    • dealing with suicide bombers
    • group counter-attack tactics
    • helicopter tactics
    • negotiations strategy, techniques
    • analyzing information
    • closed-quarters combat-hostage rescue
    • terrorist attack site investigation
    • communications & crisis-management
    • techniques for recreating crime scenes through photography and photo programmetry
    • On-the-spot training at Olympic sports events and security exercises leading up to the 2004 Games.

In 2001-2002, three major exercises and a pre-Olympics test event in sailing (Athens 2002 Regatta) took place. Three exercises occurred in 2003 along with numerous Olympic sports events.